About the employment law diploma

Our employment law diploma is a joint initiative between BMA Law’s expert employment law team and the Centre for Professional Legal Studies (CPLS) at Russell Group University, Cardiff University.

Studied over 9 months and accredited by the University, the programme is ideal for GP owner-managers and practice managers of GP practices and networks who are looking to develop or refresh their knowledge in this area, or who have an interest in the subject.

You will learn about a wide range of employment law topics and how they apply in practice, and most importantly how your organisations can mitigate the main areas of risk.

BMA Law’s expertise in the healthcare sector means that the course is specifically designed for GP practices and networks.

Accessible and jargon-free, the course combines highly practical information, delivered by experienced employment lawyers, with the academic credibility of an accreditation by a prestigious law school.

Methodology and format

The programme comprises three modules (each consisting of two consecutive workshop days). The workshop-style lessons will:

  • maintain a strong emphasis on the practical application of employment law
  • draw on the trainers’ extensive experience and personal insights
  • have a relaxed yet supportive environment
  • allow time to share your experiences and challenges openly with peers
  • explore solutions and best practice, whilst building up a network of useful contacts.

All candidates will receive a user-friendly HR Employment Law Manual, which is fully updated before each programme.

Assessment and certification

To complete the programme and be awarded a certificate, candidates must:

  • attend all of the workshop sessions
  • complete a written assignment or develop a portfolio of work
  • pass one closed-book multiple choice test under supervision
  • submit a second written assignment


The programme covers the following modules:

  1. Essential employment law

An invaluable introduction to the main areas of employment law.
This module provides an excellent foundation for subsequent sessions. It follows the life-cycle of the employment relationship from establishing a contract through to termination of employment and covers the special rules that apply in the case of salaried GPs.

  1. Managing discipline and grievances

How to manage disciplinary and grievance investigations, hearings and appeals.
Candidates will learn how to deal with day-to-day discipline and grievance issues and be able to identify and avoid the main legal pitfalls. This module also addresses fair procedures that must be followed regarding capability concerns arising from an employees’ ill-health or poor performance.

  1. Business change and discrimination

The legal obligations arising from restructures and re-organisations.
This module considers the legal obligations arising on restructures and re-organisations (including practice mergers), business sales and outsourcing or in-sourcing. It covers how to deal with a redundancy situation, as well as the legal issues that arise when an employer seeks to change terms and conditions of employment.


9 months (end to end), with the workshops spread over a 3 or 4 month period.


The workshop days are run at venues in London and Manchester.

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