We will help you stay in control and get the result you need at such a critical and stressful time.

With good advice, you can achieve a lot by yourself and keep conflict to a minimum.
We empower our clients to carry on discussions with confidence, structure financial
settlements, and come to arrangements about children.

Fees can be another worry. To keep costs from becoming an issue, we offer certain
services for fixed fees.

We always endeavour to help clients resolve issues in a constructive and conciliatory way.
Using mediation, collaborative law and negotiation, we have the experience to get the
result you need. But, if court is unavoidable, we have the strength and depth to handle
even the most complex, large-scale litigation.

As an organisation established by, and working closely with, the British Medical Association,
we know the intricacies and pressures that you face and are sensitive to the way in which these
can impact on your personal life and any relationship breakdown.

Services at a glance:

  • family mediation
  • collaborative law
  • family arbitration
  • complex litigation.




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